Visit Thanh Ha Potterry Village

Thanh Ha pottery village, which is located on Thu Bon river’s bank – about 2 km from the old quarters of Hoi An, has been an important ceramic center of Vietnam for centuries.

more than 500 years old, people here still retain the method of making pottery from their ancestors.

In the village, have hundred years old houses, walling along the red birck road, you can meet the old craftmans, to see the movements of village and the featured culture that only in Thanh Ha

  Our host  Mrs Ty, a well-known artist who will help you have more understanding about ceramic production and ceramic art. You will not only discover the beauty of local daily life but also be encouraged to participate in the ceramic making class.You will try how to make a bowl,a vase and easy to bring it home an amazing souvenir.

Visit Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

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Make CLay

Kneading clay is an important step in making potterry. The clay needs to be very soft before making. You will knead it by foots and then by hands.

Make Potterry By Wheel

Make The Animal flutes

 when you see these animals flute, surely you will wonder why it sound so !!!!

You will get to know the secret when you join with us to make its.