Vietnamese Culture and MaKing Coffee With a Vietnamese " Phin "

In this class you will be a given a brief overview of the history of coffee making and about the coffee  growing regions in Vietnam.

Just walk up the street and you’ll run into a coffee shop in every corner. Drinking coffee is part of one’s daily routine and it is a considered a ritual by older Vietnamese.

You’ll find that the Vietnamese drink coffee at all hours of the day and coffee shops are usually crowded in the mornings.

Every day, locals visit the same coffee shop, order the same drink, and chat with their neighbours and friends or read newspapers while they perch on their low slung stools.

Every Vietnamese person knows how to make a cup of coffee. It is something that is passed down from a generation to another.

To start this class we will listen to may stories on this two-hour tour and learn about the journey of coffee from crop to cup. Discover what makes Vietnamese ground coffee, fined Robusta, different to other types around the world. Learn the steps needed to roast dark beans so that they mix perfectly with sweet condensed milk, which is an improvisation made due to the limitations on the availability of fresh milk at French colonial time.

Your high graded barista guide will demonstrate how to make Vietnamese coffee to achieve the best flavor. Though it is brewed using a surprisingly low tech technique, with a little metal filter called a Phin (a version of the French press), the flavor is truly rich and deep. Enjoy your coffee with a cookie and Vietnamese Tea. Feel free to relax at the coffee shop and try the local dishes from the neighborhood. This tour is not only suitable for coffee lovers but for travelers who wish to discover the history and culture of a city. After the tour, you will know why cafe culture makes Vietnam a favorite city in the world.