Enjoy the lantern making class


Lantern Making Class- The Great Cultural Heritage of Hoi An

A Collapsible Hoi An Souvenir

 To start, you will taste traditional Vietnamese tea and enjoy the various flavors of tea during the lantern making lesson.

You will notice Hoi An lanterns best at night. Hoi An people believe that hanging lanterns in front of their house brings luck, happiness, and wealth to the family.

Our Lanterns are made of silk and bamboo and come in many shapes such as lotus, diamond, sunrise, sunset. Obviously, you are wondering who makes these lovely and creative lanterns.

Our answer: “They are made by you!”

We provide the bamboo that forms the base of your frame; you do the rest. Your instructor will show you how to make your lantern from the first to the last step and how to make your own Hoi An lantern. We provide beautiful silk so that you can choose your own color pattern, and design.

Take this interesting course in lantern making from a helpful professional.   

Once completed, these lanterns are easy to fold, carry, or put in your luggage. Take an original, enjoyable, hand-made souvenir home from your visit to Hoi An.

  • Welcome Drink of Vietnamese traditional tea
  • Instruction on making Lanterns
  • Your final Lantern
  • A Special Gift from Hoian Handicraft Tours
  • Course Instruction led by Hoi An Craftsmen

  • English language Steps to Lantern Making
  • TIME : Depart any time
  • Meeting point: 08 Tran Cao Van
  • Need help? Whatsapp us at +84 1699 216 230 for enquiries/recomendations and book instantly via chat !