Enjoy the street food at Hoi An


Hoi An street food tour is perfect introduction of Hoian cuisine and culture. This is great way to spend your very first days day in Hoi An. You will find out more on this single tour than in a month of random wandering.

Along the way enjoy 8 tasting stops, where you can meet local vendors and sample delectable dishes that are typical to the city. Indulge your taste buds with a serving of barbecue beef scallop, slurp on a bowl of Cau Lau noodles, try a banana flower salad, or taste one of the freshest Banh My sandwiches in Hoi An

Marvel at an arrat of cakes – from steamed savory Water Fern cakes to the traditional IT cake and the curiously named Husband and Wife cake. Let your local guide narrate the history and culture of the Vietnamese cuisine as you nibble away and discover new flavors and aromas.

Get ready, because Hoi An is about to charm the pants off you. Its secret weapon? Food. Unlock the flavours of the Old Town bite by bite, digging in everywhere you look and discovering unforgettable tastes at every turn. Let’s go!

 List Food

  • The Best Banh My In Vietnamese
  • Cao Lau
  • Water  Fern Cake
  • Vietnamese Coffee
  • Bánh Khọt/ Savoury Coconut Pancake
  • Balut egg ( Optional)
  • White Rose Dumpling
  • Dessert


  • All food we taste
  • Drink
  • English speaking guide
  •  Entrance fee
  • OPTIONAL SERVICES: Hotel Pick up add $7
  • Meeting point: 08 Tran Cao Van
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