About us

+ Hoi An, the beautiful town in the South of Da Nang city offers you so many opportunities to explore local handicrafts, culture and tradition.

+ Please let us give you a warm welcome to our exclusive craft classes and help you gain amazing experiences.

+ Our local guide is deeply in love with their hometown. They will be your great companion who can bridge you and locals in your surprising adventures.

+ Your trip in Hoi An would be more memorable by joining us to make lanterns, do carpentry, go fishing, work on the farm..

Just tell him your interests and available dates, he will do his best to help you plan the trips.

Why book with us
+ Top #1 Fun and Games, #10 Class and workshop in Hoi An
+ An excellent chance to interact with craftsmen and create your own special make-it-yourself souvenirs under the instruction of our host.
+ Enjoy the degree of historical & cultural information throughout local man.
+ Be with great tour guides full of enthusiasm and knowledge during the tour
+ Our workshop is open from 7am untill 8pm so you can book the time you want
+ Take your souvenirs made by your hand back home after the tour end.
Our Tours

- Lantern Making Class

- Cooking Class at Culinary Village

- Hoi An Street Food Tour

- Pottery Making On A Wheel

-Wood Carving at Kim Bong Carpentry Village

- Fishing Tour By Net